Tinted Window Films

The perfect combination of high style, performance and protection.
Quality that runs deep and a variety of shades that let your imagination run wild.

High style

How do you want your ride to look? Cool? Hot? Hotter? LLumar automotive window tint can make it happen. Count on:
  • an exclusive range of films in a variety of shades from light to dark including ceramic tint that maximizes heat and ultraviolet rejection, keeping you and your vehicle cool and helping to protect from the damaging effects of the sun
  • soft charcoal color that matches factory privacy glass
  • privacy for passengers and valuables
High performance and protection

You’ll ride cooler, in greater comfort, safety and security knowing that LLumar automotive window tint will:
  • block more than 99% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UVA & UVB) rays
  • help protect against skin damage
  • protect your auto’s interior from fading and cracking
  • help reduce glare and eye-strain
  • Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation
Trusted durability

With LLumar, you not only get the look you want, you also get a high performing, durable window tint. Trust LLumar for:
  • professional installation
  • guaranteed color stability
  • a strong scratch resistant coating
  • a lifetime limited manufacturer's warranty*
  • proudly made in the USA products
*Applies only to USA and Canada; certain restrictions apply; see an authorized dealer for warranty details.
Clear Window Films
Your invisible protection from UVA & UVB rays and heat.
Did you know window film doesn’t have to be dark to perform?

This may come as a surprise to many people – but window film doesn’t have to be dark to perform. It can be almost invisible — giving you all the benefits of reducing harmful ultraviolet (UVA & UVB) rays and heat build-up, without a “tinted window look.” While all the products in the LLumar window film line offer UVA & UVB protection, LLumar AIR automotive window film appeals to people who do not want the darker window appearance or where the use of dark window tint is prohibited by state laws. Even though it is clear and almost invisible, LLumar AIR window film still blocks more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the leading known cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging, and also causes fading and cracking of automotive interiors.

By reducing the heat build-up in your car, you’ll ride in greater comfort and find yourself not having to run the air conditioning system as often— improving fuel efficiency. And when the sun goes down, the high optical clarity and low-reflectivity of LLumar AIR will not impede your night driving vision. LLumar AIR window film uses nano-ceramic technology to achieve its extraordinary level of protection. Designed with your car’s electronic accessories in mind, it does not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors or global positioning systems.
Factory-installed privacy glass vs. high performance window film

There’s a big difference between the two: factory glass is intended to provide privacy and does not provide complete solar control like window film. Since children and pets are often passengers in the rear seats of SUV’s, crossovers and mini-vans, it’s important to know that LLumar window film can be applied to privacy glass to protect them from UVA & UVB rays. Plus, everyone’s ride will be more comfortable, as LLumar window film can reduce interior surface temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fº.

Proudly made in the USA, LLumar films are durable and virtually maintenance free. We stand behind our products with a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty* so you don’t have to worry about your clear window film changing color, bubbling, cracking or peeling for as long as you own your vehicle.

*Applies only to USA and Canada; certain restrictions apply; see an authorized dealer for warranty details.
How does automotive window film work?
It’s what’s inside that counts.
Automotive window tint is a sheet of strong polyester laminate treated in variety of ways to improve the look and performance of existing windows. One side has a scratch-resistant coating and the other has an adhesive that bonds to the glass window.

Solar control tints for auto glass work by selectively controlling the passage of the sun’s radiant energy into a vehicle, reducing cabin temperatures, enhancing outward visibility by reducing harsh glare, and nearly eliminating the damaging and dangerous effects of ultraviolet light on upholstery and our skin and eyes.

Because the sun’s energy is composed of ultraviolet light, visible light, and near infrared radiation, our high-tech films with high optical clarity have been constructed to independently regulate the passage of these three bands of energy to suit the different needs of consumers. You can choose films that:
  • filter out only ultraviolet (UVA & UVB) rays
  • reduce visible light to control glare and improve a car’s appearance
  • block both UVA & UVB and most solar infrared to reduce heat without changing the appearance of the glass
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